Information for New Patients

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.

We welcome you to Defy of Indiana!  Thank you for choosing us for your health care needs. Below you will find the information required to get started with us. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note we do not accept insurance. We offer a direct pay model.

What is a Direct Pay Model?

A direct pay model is a healthcare payment model where patients pay the healthcare provider directly for services, rather than going through an insurance company. This means that patients are responsible for the full cost of care, but they also have more control over their healthcare decisions.
When you pay for your own care, you have more control over the decisions that are made about your health. You can choose the healthcare providers you want to see, and you can make decisions about your care without having to worry about what your insurance company will cover.
Direct pay providers often have more time to spend with each patient. This means that they can get to know you better and develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your individual needs.


No Access Fee, No Membership Required! Pay Only for the Services You Receive!
At our clinic we firmly believe that your health care should be tailored to your individual needs, without any unnecessary expenses. That’s why we don’t burden you with access fees or memberships. You deserve personalized care without the added costs. To begin your journey with us, we kindly ask for a $350 deposit when scheduling your initial appointment. This deposit covers your first two visits, with $200 allocated for the comprehensive initial consultation and $150 for the second follow-up session. During your initial appointment, we take the time to get to know you, understand your unique health care requirements, and discuss your goals. Our aim is to establish a strong foundation of care based on your needs. In the follow-up visit, we conduct a detailed lab review and collaborate with you to create a personalized care plan that suits you best. For any subsequent office visits, our fee is set at $150 per visit, ensuring that you continue to receive excellent and affordable care tailored to your specific health needs. Join us today, and experience health care that revolves around you and your well-being. Your health is our top priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way!

Things to Bring to Your Appointment

We want to make your visit as easy as possible by providing information that will help you with our registration and payment procedures. Please be sure to bring these items with you to every visit.

24 Hour Cancellation/No Show Policy

How to Cancel an Appointment

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding with our cancellation policy. This policy is in place to ensure that we are able to provide timely and efficient care to our patients. If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please call our office.