Maximizing Your Protein Intake to Increase Muscle Mass

Maximizing Your Protein Intake to Increase Muscle Mass

Proteins serve as building blocks within the cells of your body that ensure organs, muscles, and other tissues function properly. Because of its crucial role in your overall well-being, you want to make sure you include plenty of protein in your diet.

With the increased use of weight loss aids such as GLP-1s and other similar medical interventions, one concern is the loss of muscle mass while losing the targeted fat cells. Here at Defy, we stress that combining exercise and a high protein intake will help minimize that risk.

Consuming high amounts of protein can support your immune system and help muscles and other parts of your body heal more quickly if injured. A high-protein diet can also improve your energy levels, sleep quality, and digestion. This can boost your mood and enhance your ability to burn fat and build muscle.

A balanced and nutrient-rich diet will ensure you can stay healthy, but when you consume plenty of protein, you can reap additional wellness benefits. Read on to find tips from the experts at Defy of Indiana that can help you achieve your protein intake goals.

Tips to Boost Your Protein Intake

Focus on Your Daily Protein Goal

If you want to make changes to your diet, it helps to be aware of your current protein intake. You might want to keep a food diary that tracks the amount of protein you consume daily. Then this visual can allow you to identify meals where it will be easy to add protein-rich foods.

When you develop a plan to update your diet, do not focus on where to limit carbohydrates and other foods. Instead, keep your protein intake goal in mind and prioritize getting to at least 100 grams of protein a day. Focus on what you can and need to eat, not what you can’t.

In trying to consume 100 grams of protein a day, review the nutrition label on the foods and beverages you purchase and the amount of protein in each item. Soon, grabbing your favorites will become second nature to you, and good habits will start forming.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Protein in

Your eating habits can influence the benefits you receive from the protein you include in your diet. For instance, did you know that the timing of when you consume protein can improve your intake of this nutrient?

Many health experts recommend drinking a protein shake first thing in the morning. This way, you can get a head start on your daily protein intake.  Some protein shakes contain 40 grams of protein. Drink a shake in the morning with your supplements, and you achieve 40% of your goal.

Plus, studies suggest that high-protein breakfasts can curb hunger better than high-carb options. This can help you lose weight, and the added protein can also aid in your body’s recovery from an early-morning fitness regimen.

Going out to eat? Start with a high-protein appetizer! Entrees? For ease, let’s assume you skipped the pasta and ordered steak, chicken, or fish along with a vegetable and a carb. Eat the protein first, mixing it with your vegetables until they are gone. You will be surprised to find you will eat less of the carb as you will already be full of the muscle-building foods.

Look for Easy and Beneficial Sources of Protein

Once you are aware of your eating habits and have a goal in mind regarding your protein intake, you can consider the types of foods you can bring into your diet that will add protein. Try to feature at least one high-protein food item with each meal, but consider protein-rich foods to snack on as well.

Chicken, seafood, and lean meats make for excellent sources of protein. People who do not consume animal products may want to include nuts, whole grains, and legumes in their diets.

Look for premade meals that contain high amounts of protein as well if you do not have time to cook. Here in the Indianapolis area, we like Herculean Meal Prep and Clean Eats for great options that help maintain a balanced diet on the go. Learn more about nutrition and your wellness when you contact Defy of Indiana.